My interview/review of ‘Motorway’ by Fearofdark!

New interview with Freezedream!

Here’s another review I wrote for Chiptunes = WIN, enjoy!

5 posts!

5 posts!

Been waiting a while to release this one.

Released through Electro Freaks, this track is somewhat of an experiment in orchestral, ambient, and spacey soundscapes. Sort of like, it’s just pelting you with genres, hence ‘Intergalactic Arsenal’. This one was a blast to create and I hope you guys enjoy!

Album Link:

My new review of artist Ninja 9000!

Started working on a new track today…and now I’m gonna start using Tumblr way more. That’s practically all for today, have any questions?

Hey all!

First post on Tumblr, glad I was recommended here. Gonna try to be getting as much music up as possible…and I hope you enjoy!